Our Services

Our business is intended to be a partnership with the artist and label. Since there are no set-up fees, I only make money when you make money. Consequently, we make certain that your music is where it needs to be when it needs to be there and we look for opportunities to promote your music on the services. We also provide advice for ways that can help you find your audience and grow our sales.

In plain English, our contract details include:


  • Two year agreement

  • Recurring fees of 15% of gross revenue received from the sites when monthly gross sales exceed $25.00. Recurring fees of 20% of gross revenue received from the sites when monthly gross sales do not exceed $25.00.

  • Non-exclusive. Future (and past) artist and label releases are not automatically included.

  • No set-up fees. You will need to provide the following:

    • Music (required) – commercial copies, reference discs or transmitted on line in .wav format (44.100kHz, 16-bit stereo)

    • ISRC numbers (required) can be acquired by you or we can provide them n/c

    • UPC # (bar code) (required) – Even if there is not a physical counterpart, a unique UPC number is required. I can provide this for $10.00 deducted from future check

    • Album graphics (required) in hi-res format (as close to 2400X2400, 300 dpi jpg as you can get)

    • Publishing and PRO information (optional)

  • Monthly payments will be made as payment is received by us. Accounting tends to run 45-120 days behind actual usage. Statements are issued regularly (usually each month but whenever you are owed money) but balances under $25.00 will be carried over to the next cycle.

  • The artist and/or label will be responsible for paying any mechanical royalties due as a result of their sales.

  • The artist and/or label will be responsible for clearances on all music submitted.

  • When warranted, we will work with you regarding marketing opportunities with the sites.

  • Deep link tools will be provided for use on your web site(s) and social networking.

  • Ringtones, ringbacks and other mobile delivery offerings are a part of our services but the large carriers are very selective as to what they offer on their platforms.

  • Short form videos can be offered for sale on iTunes but there is a formatting expense involved.

  • Music submitted to us for representation can (usually) be available on iTunes within 48 hours if the submission is problem-free but it may take 1-2 weeks to be offered on other domestic download sites and 2-3 weeks for international.

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